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Worship Time:

     We gather in expectant waiting, sitting in quiet, meditative silence. As the spirit move, any Friend may be led to share a brief message - thus we are all "ministers" one to another. Everyone is a contributor by their very presence.


     At the end of approximately 45 minutes the clerk rises and asks for sharing of concerns, joys or other messages, Following these, she/he signals the close of worship by shaking hands with those nearby and the greeting is passed on to all in attendance.


Silent Worship:

     We are met in a great task when we meet in worship, no less than to realize the divine presence and to create an atmosphere in which that presence and power can touch us into fuller life.


     Once we remember this, we cannot but approach the occasion with humility and desire that nothing on our part may hinder or disturb.

     It is someting holy and wonderful we are trying to build up together - the consciousness of the presence with us here and the reality of communion with God.

Visiting Appoquinimink Meeting

 Our Community

We’re excited you’re thinking of visiting Appoquinimink Meetinghouse. The graveyard is open all day every day all year. Presentations on the Underground Railroad are by appointment. See our Facebook page for seasonal openings.

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